Issue 19

Club News : Editorial
All change at The ARM Club and Eureka

News : StrongARM
Digital collaborate on the first of a family of 21st Century ARM designs

Review : Crystal Rain Forest 2
A new mission to find a secret hideaway in Sherston Software's environmental educational package

Club News : New WWW site
New Internet address for The ARM Club's web pages

Programming : Writing RISC OS modules
Part 4 - How to use RISC OS service calls to keep your module informed of what is happening - also on Eureka disc

Club News : People & Places
The latest news of ARM Club members at home and abroad - at the Big Ben Club Show in Utrecht

Events : 1996 Acorn World Show
Some optimistic forecasts are being made as the final preparations for Olympia go ahead

Communications : Networking your house
Discusses the various options available to the home user wishing to network machines together

Regulars : Arnold's observations
Off on another quirky tangent - exploring life as a traveller

Review : DiagramIt
Get thoughts into shape with a flow chart/diagram creation program from Dalriada Data Technology

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
Including making the most of Schedule and a review of Mapper3a

Review : ViVID5000 Graphics Enhancer
iSV Products offering for A5000 owners wanting Risc PC graphics capabilities

Review : Font Designer's Toolkit &
FontTrix Pro Find out to make a million (fonts not cash) by using iSV Products' font manipulation programs

Review : My World
Exploring the Technology and Design educational CD-ROM from SEMERC

Communications : BBS/Bulletin Board
Try the BBS path as the friendly alternative to the Internet Super Highway

Review : Anagram Genius
Turn 'The ARM Club' into 'act humbler' using this anagram creation program from the 4th Dimension

Review : OmniClient
Universal Network Client communications program from Acorn Computers or ANT

Review : CDWriter & CDSimulator
How to create DIY CD-ROMs using this combination of hardware and software from Eesox

Hints & Tips : Well I never knew ...
Copying between Edit windows, opening or closing directories, using scroll bars, and adjusting the caret position

Programming : Creating your own Web pages
Part 2 - More techniques for creating World Wide Web pages for the Internet

Review : DTP CD-ROMs
Images for the desktop publisher from APDL

Review : CDtracker
Get to grips with another audio CD program from Werewolf Software

Review : Termite Internet
Log on to a review of DoggySoft's suite of Internet software

Eureka Disc : Catalogue
PD catalogue and viewer

Eureka Disc : Discounts
The latest news about The ARM Club discounts scheme

Eureka Disc : AA_Utils
Transmits a code to the serial port to tell the modem to auto-answer after one ring

Eureka Disc : ArcScan
Indices for Model Engineering magazine and Dabs Press books

Eureka Disc : Bounce
Small BASIC program producing a fascinating screen display

Eureka Disc : CapsLock
Toggles the state of the Caps Lock key from the icon bar

Eureka Disc : Connector
PD/shareware communications package (for RISC OS 3)

Eureka Disc : Distances
Calculates stopping distances - ideal for those about to sit their driving test

Eureka Disc : NumberGen
Random number generator - can also be used to create National Lottery etc selections

Eureka Disc : SmallSave
Small fast screen saver

Eureka Disc : SpinDown
Controls a feature of ADFS hard drives which allows them to be 'spun down'

Eureka Disc : EPSObject
Converts vector graphic files (from Adobe Illustrated EPS format) into vector objects for use with Draw

Eureka Disc : Photosynth
Clip art (Draw format) showing examples of photosynthesis

Eureka Disc : Xwords
Generates a Draw file crossword puzzle from a list of words in a text file

Review : Bitfolio Clip Art
Cartoon collections and Christmas clip art in Draw format from LOOKsystems

Review : High Speed Serial Port Card
This may be an essential upgrade from Atomwide for many communications enthusiasts

Review : HeartBeat
Set your pulse racing and find out how fit you really are by using this package from VTi/Eclipse

Review : Corel Draw 3
Includes vector graphics, chart/graph drawing, bitmap, slide/animation etc. (NB requires PC card & CD-ROM drive)

Club News : Writing for Eureka
Hints, tips and advice for new writers and a few reminders for those who have contributed before

Review : Spobbleoid
Collect the objects and avoid the monsters in this platform game from the 4th Dimension

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