Issue 18

Club News : Editorial
The future - Goodbye Acorn, hello Xemplar and ART

News : Introducing Xemplar Education
Exploring what has happened at Acorn over recent months and what the future may hold

Club News : Club corner
The latest news from around the Club - including changes to the Committee and revised contact details

Club News : Membership statistics
Facts & figures as at April 1996 from the Membership Secretary

Events : Acorn World 1996 Olympia
Plans are already well underway for a new look Acorn World Show this year

Review : EasiWriter Professional
After 5 year's use and development the latest version of Icon Technology's word processor is given a 'Professional' name

Regulars : Arnold's observations
On Acorn & Apple in combination and the Java computer language

Events : BETT '96
A report of developments at the annual education treat held back in January

Programming : Writing RISC OS modules
Part 3 - RISC OS vectors, events and an example Mouse Fixer program - also on Eureka disc

Review : ImageFS 2
The latest version of the popular image transformation package from Alternative Publishing

Communications : A magical mystery tour
Intrigue & discovery on the way to setting up a Bulletin Board connection

Club News : Local User Group news
Reports on activities at The North West London Computer Club and the Suffolk Acorn Risc Club

Club News : Electronic mailing list
A mailing list has been introduced to which ARM Club members can subscribe

Club News : Can you help the Club
The ARM Club is for Users, run by Users for the benefit of Users

Review : Personal Accounts version 3
This accounting program from Apricote Studios can help get (and keep) your books in order

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
Including a utility to add passwords, the Pocket Book PD library and the Pocket Books in schools

Review : Mechanisms
The first educational CD-ROM in a series dealing with Technology from Creative Curriculum Software

Hints & Tips : Well I never knew ...
About uncovering the icon bar, using scroll bars, copying between Edit windows and using Draw's 'show grid'

Review : RapIDE 32
The new E-IDE interface from Yellowstone Educational Solutions

Eureka Disc : Catalogue
PD catalogue and viewer

Eureka Disc : Discounts
The latest news about The ARM Club discounts scheme

Eureka Disc : AcoPass
Provides the Acorn Pocket Book with the power-on password protection that exists on the Psion machines

Eureka Disc : CAViewer
A general clip art display utility for Draw, ArtWork, Equasor, TableMate and Sprite format files

Eureka Disc : ChangeMod
Changes Sprite modes

Eureka Disc : DrWimp
A utility to help carry out various programming tasks and help develop multitasking programs

Eureka Disc : GHZap
A utility that will allow some older games and demos to run under RISC OS 3

Eureka Disc : SampleCD
Designed to sample audio data from CDs and convert it into a variety of formats understood by Acorn computers

Eureka Disc : WindowRD
A very small utility to grab windows off the desktop and save them

Eureka Disc : Xmas
Calculates the number of days to the 25th December

Eureka Disc : Bridge
A program to carry out some analysis of the scores obtained in a game of Duplicate Bridge

Review : PublishArt
Have Smart DTP produced "The ultimate DTP resource"

Review : Acorn PC Exchange
The missing link between RISC OS and Windows that allows for the exchange of text, pictures and sound files

Review : Talking Animated Alphabets
An educational package from Sherston Software dealing with the basics of letter shapes, sounds and speech

Programming : Creating HTML pages
Part 1 - An introduction to the techniques behind creating World Wide Web pages for the Internet

Review : HTML Edit
A package from R-Comp which aids in the development of WWW pages for the Internet

Review : Typing Trainers
TypeTutor from The ARM Club, a BBC program from ERIC International and Speedy Keys from Brilliant Computing or SEMERC

Club News : Disc duplicating service
Available to Club members and small companies wishing to duplicate volumes of discs at very modest prices

Review : Detritus
The new graphical adventure game from Myndgaemz

Club News : Freepost
When using The ARM Club's (UK) Freepost address don't use a stamp otherwise the Royal Mail gets paid twice for one item

Review : The Patience Addict
Show off your skill at cards with 20 different games of patience from Creative Curriculum Software

News : Recent news from Acorn
Acorn Online Media, ARM7500 processor, PC clone computers, Olivetti/Acorn shareholding and 2nd processor cards

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