Issue 17

Club News : Editorial
Where next - 1996 and beyond

News : The new PCx86 cards
Acorn has now launched its faster 486DX2/66 and 486/DX4/100 cards for the Risc PC

Club News : Club corner
The latest news from around the Club - including reports on attendance at the Acorn World Show and various Open Days

Review : Composition
Clares' new 24 bit graphic manipulation package which allows any number of bitmap images to be treated separately

Club News : Local User Group news
Reports on the history of The Welwyn & Hatfield Computer Club and activities at both it and The Harrow Computer Group

Review : Talking Clocks & Math Mania
Educational packages from Topologika Software to help practice telling the time & reinforce mathematical skills

Review : The PC Survival Guide
A new book from Beebug that aims to introduce users to PCs and using PC software on Acorn machines

Regulars : Arnold's observations
Looking back at what must be described as a traumatic year for Acorn ... and looking forward to Acorn Education & Applied Risc Technologies

Review : Risc Disc 2
2 separate reviews of the latest (non-PD) CD-ROM collection from Uniqueway

Review : Cineworks
A first glance at Digital Video Editing (DVE) using Cineworks from Oregan Developments

Hints & Tips : Textease 2
Creating The ARM Club Newsletter using Textease - from Softease

Review : The Risc PC Technical Reference
Manual The ultimate enthusiast's book from Acorn for the really technically minded

Hints & Tips : Music of the future
The story behind the production of an environmental musical play 'Child of the Future'

Programming : Writing RISC OS modules
Part 2 - Claiming memory for workspace and processing '*' commands - also on Eureka disc

Review : Voyager
Let yourself loose on the Internet aided and abetted by the new Voyager software with connection also provided by ArgoNet

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
Including the Pocket Book PD library, speculation on a new Psion and the Acorn Pocket Book II 1Mb version

Review : Thames Water suite
A novel educational suite consisting of 'James Pond Underwater Agent' and 'Running Water' - from Skillsware

Hints & Tips : Well I never knew ...
About moving the pointer in Draw (and Paint), opening or closing directories, and copying/moving files

Hints & Tips : Understanding fonts
Giving your written work that edge of class - types of fonts, body text, italics & bold, font size and kerning

Eureka Disc : Discounts
The latest news about The ARM Club discounts scheme

Eureka Disc : Calendar
Updated versions of next year's calendar in Draw and Ovation format

Eureka Disc : Draw2Spr
A shareware program which converts Draw files to Sprites

Eureka Disc : DungDragon
A set of Impression format character sheets for Dungeons & Dragons RMP's - also includes 2 PD outline fonts

Eureka Disc : FSCK
A suite of shareware programs that are able to analyse and fix E-format discs - both floppy and hard

Eureka Disc : Judith
A window iconiser that helps manage the Pinboard by placing all the iconised windows into a single window

Eureka Disc : Kanji
A shareware utility for reading 2-byte encoded Japanese email messages and news postings

Eureka Disc : QwikCD
A small simple audio CD player with the minimum of features and taking up the minimum of RAM space

Eureka Disc : Catalogue
PD catalogue and viewer

Club News : Around the (other) Clubs
Details of activities and meetings of the North West London Computer Club

Review : High Risc Racing
Sit behind the wheel of the latest racing game for Acorn machines from Modus Software

Review : Alone in the Dark
Take fright at bumps in the middle of the night in this puzzle solving game from Krisalis Software

Review : GTAC - Graphical Text Adventure
Creator A shareware program with the registered version available from Andrea Gallo

News : Recent news from Acorn
Including BETT Show, phasing out of older computers/monitors, NetSurfer, new PCx86 cards and Printers v1.52

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