Issue 16

Club News : Editorial
Serious news - the launch of the A7000 & Risc PC 700 is overshadowed by changes to Acorn's educational dealer network

Review : A7000 and Risc PC 700
July 1995 was an important month for Acorn with the addition of a couple of new computers to its range

Review : InterTalk
Acorn's new Internet package for schools and homes

Club News : Club corner
What's the Club been up to - including attendance at past and planned events and a new version of Game On

Club News : ARM '95 South
A report about the latest ARM Club Open Day event at Belmont School in Mill Hill North London

Club News : South Wales Area Group
A report on more recent activities in south Wales

Club News : Disc duplication service
Available to other clubs, small companies, schools and anybody needing to duplicate Acorn format discs

Review : Report Writer
A package from Creative Curriculum Software to aid teachers in writing their childrens' school reports

Review : Architech
A 3D constructional program from Aspex Software that can also be used by CDT or Art departments in education

Review : Impression Publisher Plus
An overview of Computer Concepts' new top-of-the-range DTP package for the professional user

Review : The Complete Animator
Try to animate your desktop with Iota Software's latest animation creation package

Regulars : Arnold's observations
On DIY (self-help) guides, posing a number of open questions aimed at Acorn and what is Java all about

Club News : Overseas Memberships
New overseas membership fees will be introduced to cover the additional cost of posting packages outside the UK

Programming : Writing RISC OS modules
Part 1 - Writing relocatable modules for RISC OS computers - also on Eureka disc

Review : The Crystal Rain Forest &
Around the World in Eighty Days A pair of educational adventures from Sherston Software

Review : Outline Font Packs
The plain and fancy fonts in two new packs from iSV Products

Hints & Tips : Installing the PC486 card
An article about experiences installing the new PC486 card on a SCSI drive fitted to a Risc PC

Review : Impression RTF Loaders
The latest add-on loaders for Computer Concepts' Impression

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
Including the Pocket Book PD library, configuring Schedule and creating an irregularly repeating alarm

Review : KernPlus
A package from PTW Software to alter the kerning of a font

Review : English, Junior Essentials,
Maths Statistics, Maths Algebra and Early Essentials Reviews of 5 packages from 10 out of 10 Educational Systems

Review : A4-1200 printer
Calligraph's new direct-drive laser printer

Review : Coypu
A new graph and function plotting program from The Shell Centre for Mathematical Education

Eureka Disc : Discounts
The latest news about The ARM Club discounts scheme

Eureka Disc : Modules
ABCLib (v4.02) and DrawFile (v1.30) - required by some programs on Eureka 15 disc

Eureka Disc : MouseDex
A little program that changes the mouse buttons around for left-handed people

Eureka Disc : Pennies
A nearly fully working personal finance management program

Eureka Disc : Quotes
A shareware program that converts ordinary quotes into typographically correct ones

Eureka Disc : S2P
Can enable two computers to share one printer - it sends all data received by the serial port to the printer port

Eureka Disc : Split
A useful utility that splits long files into pieces (and glues them back together)

Eureka Disc : Catalogue
PD catalogue and viewer

Review : Digital Symphony Masterpieces
A new CD-ROM of musical resources from Oregan Software Developments and/or Zenta Multimedia

Review : Music Box
The award-winning educational music package from Topologika Software

Review : Impression Tutorial Guides
A pair of tutorial guides for users of the Impression family from Paragon Publishing

Review : Notice Board
Innovative software for producing static and rolling information displays - from The Really Good Software Company

Club News : Anaquiz
Another challenging quiz

Review : Burn 'Out
One of Oregan Software Developments' latest set of game releases - a racing game on the Acorn

Review : Simon the Sorcerer
Instead of 9 floppy discs this adventure game is now available on CD-ROM from GamesWare

Review : Cyber Ape
The latest platform game release from TBA Software

Review : Sally and Wally
Good clean family entertainment in this new game from Oregan Software Developments

Club News : Around the (other) Clubs
Details of activities and meetings of the Welwyn Hatfield Computer Club and the North London User Group

News : Recent news from Acorn
Including education agencies, 1Mb Pocket Book II, World Wide Web site, Insight '95, networking, Online Media and new MD

Club News : Final thoughts
Where do you think Acorn should go from here

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