Issue 13

Club News : Editorial
The future - Knock knock. Who's there? Acorn. Acorn who...? The present - Welcome to Issue 13

Review : Risc PC
A variety of brief personal viewpoints on Acorn's latest range of computers

Review : MacFS
A package from Computer Concepts to support the transfer of data to/from Mackintosh format discs

Club News : Club corner
The ARM Club's plans for Acorn World plus reports on the South Wales Area Group and the Kent Area Open Day

Eureka Disc : ARM Club Discounts scheme
Full details of the current discounts on offer

Events : Acorn World '94 Show
A preview of the biggest event in the Acorn year

Regulars : Arnold's observations
On Computers for Schools - PCs versus the Rest and The Internet and the Superhighway

Club News : Club training courses 1995
Building Blocks, Pocket Book and Applications Day courses are planned to take place in early 1995

Review : ImageFS
A new graphics utility from Alternative Publishing for converting foreign graphics files into RISC OS sprites

Review : LEGO Control Lab
How the new computer control system from LEGO Dacta can aid educational Control Technology requirements

Review : PD-CD1
The first Public Domain/Shareware CD-ROM compiled by The DataFile and produced by Desktop Laminations (aka CD-Circle)

Review : 486PC Card
The ultimate hardware/software upgrade from Aleph One for a self-respecting Acorn user

Review : ARMLock
A hard disc file protection system from Digital Services

Review : UK School Internet Primer
A new Internet book for schools published by Koeksuster Publications

Club News : Internet Email
The ARM Club and Eureka magazine can now be contacted by electronic mail

Review : Technical Clipart Collection
A physics, chemistry and electronics resource package for schools from PTW Software

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
A new regular column for users of Acorn's smallest machine - includes details of the A-link/file transfer

Eureka Disc : PocketBook
Includes PICconv (PIC files to sprites), Article, Cashadd (cash collections) and Chars (available characters & codes)

Club News : ARM '94
Details of the forthcoming Club Open Day taking place in the West Midlands

Review : Equate
A new mathematical graph plotter from PTW Software

Hints & Tips : Some handy hints ....
Including Alarm, recovering from a crash on a Risc PC, file redirection and improving Risc PC graphics capabilities

Review : Penfriend
A predictive typer from Design Concept used alongside a word processor/editor to predict and insert words as you type

Review : Clicker
An educational utility from Crick Computing that acts as a multi-level on screen overlay keyboard

Education : Kent IT Show
A report on the recent multi-platform educational event in Maidstone

Eureka Disc : Calendar
A couple of Draw files of a calendar for 1995

Eureka Disc : GameBase
A database containing some of the (in)compatible programs with the Risc PC

Eureka Disc : MailLabel
A utility to help label letters, parcels etc - RISC OS 3 only

Eureka Disc : MemoryPie
A utility which displays the memory use as a pie chart on the icon bar

Eureka Disc : NewPal
Emulates the Risc PC Display Manager utility and describes modes in terms of resolution & colours rather than numbers

Eureka Disc : Q2Track
A RISC OS 3 only program which offers greatly increased control over both ProTrackers and SoundTrackers

Eureka Disc : Spr->Asc
Converts an Archimedes sprite into a collection of text characters so that they can be sent over email etc

Eureka Disc : Thumbnail
A RISC OS 3 only shareware program that provides "thumbnail" versions of pictures that can be viewed quickly and easily

Eureka Disc : ViprSting
An Elite based story in Impression II format

Eureka Disc : Graffiti
A very capable painting application for young children learning the ropes of the desktop - RISC OS 3.1 only

Eureka Disc : Magazine
Includes the ARMClubPD application as well as news items from Acorn and third party organisations etc

Review : 3DO Multiplayer
The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer System (games console) from Panasonic has now been officially launched in the UK

Club News : Technical help service
Help and advice on any Archimedes or Risc PC matter is available free of charge to ARM Club members

Review : The Time Machine
The 4th Dimension's newest release is a large adventure game (on 5 discs) that takes place in windows on the desktop

Review : Small
Virgo Software's isometric 3D maze game which uses texture mapping for all the scenery

Regulars : Letters page
The future of the Acorn market .... W(h)ither Acorn .... Street cred .... Messianic zeal .... Getting the market wrong .... A ray of hope

News : Acorn news
Including new Pocket Book II, launch of Acorn Enthusiasts Scheme, RISC OS 3.1 upgrade discs, and new Risc PC variants

Club News : Final thoughts
"'s been clear that the Risc PC has injected new life and interest into the Acorn world."

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