Issue 12

Club News : Editorial
Yet more - Acorn have announced the setting up of an Online Media division Club News - Acorn World '94 Show

News : Risc PC update
"The chip supplied on the PC Card will be a Texas Instruments 486SLX processor which will be run at 33MHz"

News : Online Media
Acorn's new division has the aim of developing interactive multimedia products and services

Review : PhotoDesk
The powerful new graphics package from SpaceTech can be used for retouching photography and original artwork too

Club News : Club products
The ARM Club has set up a software development team to produce software products - details on Eureka disc

Events : Harrogate Show
A report on the second Acorn User Spring Show in Harrogate - where the new Risc PC was the star attraction

Regulars : Arnold's observations
A whimsical tale regarding experiences helping on the Club stand at the recent Harrogate Acorn User Show

Eureka Disc : SmartCD
A freeware version of the utility for playing audio CD discs on a CD-ROM drive connected to an Acorn computer

Eureka Disc : Catalogue
An updated version of The ARM Club's PD Library Catalogue viewer with the latest catalogue itself

Review : Graphics Loaders
Computer Concepts have developed loaders to import JPEG, PhotoCD, Clear & TIFF files into their other applications

Education : Reinventing the wheel?
Some projects and ideas on Reading, Growth and Geography - with example Draw format files also on Eureka disc

Communications : Pretty Good Privacy
With electronic mail (e-mail) gaining in popularity the use of the PGP encryption package may assist - also on Eureka disc

Review : Forms Suite Plus
MEWsoft's package allows an infinite variety of forms to be designed - A4 Viewer program also on Eureka disc

Hints & Tips : IGA
Idiot's Guide to Acronyms

Review : Printer Spooler
A recent arrival from Clares Micro Supplies

Review : ProI-mage
Multitasking scanning software from Irlam Instruments

Programming : ARM coding
Part 5 - the concluding article on ARM assembly language - some more arithmetic and logical instructions

Review : 270Mb Syquest drive
The new removable 3.5" external SCSI device (able to also read 105Mb discs) - available from Mac and More

Review : Maths Card
An educational resource creation package from Creative Curriculum Software

Review : Flashback
US Gold have returned to the Acorn market with this graphical adventure game

Review : Magnetoids
Blast away and turn PC owners green with envy with this game from Oregan Software Developments

Review : Stunt Racer 2000 - Extra Tracks
The 4th Dimension have released a new set of tracks for their car racing game

Club News : Freepost address
Don't use a stamp when using The ARM Club's Freepost address - otherwise the Royal Mail gets paid twice

Programming : A3000 joystick interface
How to build an effective yet inexpensive joystick interface with this software/hardware project

News : Acorn news
Including involvement of enthusiasts, 1993 financial results, Computers for Schools and international expansion

Club News : Final thoughts
" you have skills which could be shared with others?"

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