Issue 11

Club News : Editorial
Acorn has launched the first of its long awaited new generation of 32-bit ARM computers known as the Risc PC 600

Review : Risc PC - 1
An overview of the highlights of Acorn's new computer (based on pre-release information supplied by Acorn Computers)

Review : Risc PC - 2
A technical overview of the Acorn Risc PC

Review : Risc PC - 3
The graphics capabilities of the Risc PC

Review : Risc PC - 4
The Risc PC in education

Review : Risc PC - 5
The more visible changes in the new RISC OS 3.50

Review : Risc PC - 6
An investigation into how the Risc PC affects the programmer

Review : Plot
Clares Micro Supplies' new product can produce graphs from mathematical formulae as well as from spreadsheets

Club News : Technical help service
Help and advice on any Archimedes or Risc PC matter is available free of charge to ARM Club members

Review : Style
A look at this major new package from Computer Concepts recently released as an updated version of Impression Junior

Review : Easy Font
A font management system from Fabis Computing which provides a way to sort out fonts and add some new styles

Regulars : Arnold's observations
"At their most basic level computers are just a load of noughts and ones!"

Eureka Disc : Image
A shareware 24-bit image processing package (for RISC OS 3.1 onwards)

Eureka Disc : WimpExt
A module required by Magniscope (on Eureka disc 10)

Eureka Disc : Catalogue
An improved version of The ARM Club's PD Library Catalogue program

Eureka Disc : HourMake
Allows the design of bespoke hourglasses (egg-timers) for the RISC OS Desktop

Eureka Disc : MultiScrn
Provides up to ten views of the RISC OS desktop - each view can be displayed singly or all 10 views can be displayed simultaneously

Eureka Disc : ACMText
Archimedes Cheat Manual - contains a variety of game cheats

Eureka Disc : CavesDemo
A playable demonstration of a new game Caves of Confusion

Eureka Disc : Columbus
A 256 colour sprite of Columbus' ships

Review : PDSview
This updated offering from Spacetech is a general purpose tool for image processing - including Planetary Data System (PDS) files

Club News : All change at the bottom
Following the ARM Club AGM in December and Committee meeting in February there have been several changes

Review : Easy C
The latest program development environment from RISC Developments

Hints & Tips : PC acronyms
Some light hearted interpretations of acronyms from the PC world

Review : Pocket Book
A small but comparatively powerful miniature ("palm top") computer from Acorn Computers

Review : DeskEdit III
An updated feature equipped general purpose editor from RISC Developments

Programming : ARM coding
Part 4 - including stacks, using LDM & STM instructions to implement a stack, and subroutines

Programming : Sprite handling
Part 2 - Moving and scaling sprites - only on Eureka disc

Review : Chemistry
A valuable resource package for schools from PTW Software

Education : Tessellating patterns
The creation of unusual tessellating shapes achieved using just Draw and OnePath (on Eureka disc)

Review : KleinFS
The latest compression package from PTW Software

Review : Heimdall
A big (5 discs) arcade adventure/role playing game from Krisalis Software

Review : KV
A typical platform game ("a Chuckie Egg clone") from High RISC Software Developments

Review : Lemmings II - The Tribes
Krisalis Software's follow on to Lemmings which requires each Lemming to perform even more (over 50) skills

Review : James Pond 2 - Robocod
A traditional platform game very much in the style of the Super Mario games - converted by GamesWare

Review : Carnage Inc
A new 3D isometric game from the 4th Dimension with a similar look and feel to Pandora's Box but enhanced graphics

Club News : Final thoughts
"The Risc PC is just the spark which could rejuvenate the Acorn world and lead to its expansion over coming years"

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